Volunteer for AFK

ⓘ A volunteer is someone who helps with our work.

Volunteer with disabled young people

Could you volunteer with AFK?

We rely on volunteers to support our work.


Are you passionate about supporting disabled children and young people? Do you believe, as we do, that those with disabilities deserve to live the life they choose, just like everyone else?


If you have some spare hours then why not volunteer for AFK?


Volunteers have a variety of roles at AFK and you can chose how much time you would like to give. We will make sure you have the training and support you need while you’re with us.


Employee volunteering

Volunteering as a team at AFK will motivate and inspire your staff – and there are plenty of opportunities to get stuck in.


Our corporate volunteers have entered challenges, hosted events and even helped out with a bit of DIY at our North London office!


You can also volunteer your time with the students and trainees on our work experience programme. They love to learn and to meet new people and it is truly special to spend time with our students.


Don’t forget that volunteering has positive benefits for you as well as us! Donating your time and expertise isn’t only a valuable way to give back, it’s also mutually beneficial. In return, those who enter into meaningful partnership with us can develop and learn new skills themselves in myriad ways.

Employee volunteering:


  • helps build relationships within teams
  • boosts morale among employees
  • allows employees to develop new skills
  • can improve a company’s reputation and make them more attractive to potential candidates
  • helps with employee engagement and retention
  • provides an opportunity for your employees to interact with each other outside of work.
two photos of corporate volunteer groups
Group of women at a charity bake sale in Sainsbury's

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved get in touch with Lyn or Edel on 020 8347 8111 or email [email protected]

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