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Below you will find an overview of the sessions we are currently offering.

Impact and Innovation

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Independent Travel Training

Ages: 14-25

Our team of qualified Travel Trainers will help you learn how to confidently plan a journey, navigate public transport and travel safely and independently to school, college or work.

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Making an Impact

Ages: 18-25

Are you a young trailblazer ready to make a difference? Become self-advocates, champions of change, and leaders in your community.


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Aspire to Work

Ages: 14-25

Gain the confidence, knowledge, skills, and techniques to gain meaningful employment after school.

We mean business

Ages: 14-25

Do you have a passion or idea and want to start your own business? Gain the confidence, knowledge, skills, and techniques to start your own business and become self-employed.

If any of these Programmes interest you please contact:

Kate Jackson Services and Business Development Manager

Employability and Skills

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Preparing for Work

Post 16

These sessions will prepare you for work through various different skills and employability based workshops and placements whilst finding a role that suits you.

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Ready to work

Post 19

Your Job Coach provides one-to-one support on a regular basis while helping with job applications, gaining confidence in skills and abilities and support as you get used to your new job.

If any of these Programmes interest you please contact:

Elaine Harman Employability and Skills Manager

Other services and training for employers and providers

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Teaching Independent Travel

Service Providers, Local Authorities

We are qualified to deliver Open Awards Level 2 Award in Skills for Teaching Independent Travel. Course length: 80 hours, included 50 hours of guided learning. Can be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

Disability Confident Training

Is your workplace or organisation inclusive? We can help you become Disability Confident with our comprehensive training that will benefit everyone from customers, clients and employees.

If this Programme interests you please contact:

If this Programme interests you please contact:

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