About our Aspire to Work Programme

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The Aspire to Work Programme builds the foundation of learning about employment while students are still in school, looking at different career options to start thinking about the future and providing opportunities for students to build connections with professionals outside their usual networks.


Each programme is specifically designed to achieve the Gatsby benchmarks for schools. Additionally, to help students with disabilities and neurodiverse students to develop the skills, self-belief, and aspirations needed for future success.

AFK partners with schools and local educators in order to help provide a tailored support package to compliment and develop the exisiting curriculum.


As part of the Aspire to Work Programme at AFK, students will be given opportunities to:


  • gain an introduction to the world of work, meeting real employers and seeing how real workplaces are run
  • take part in mock interviews with real employers, either online or face to face
  • undertake tasks and challenges set by employers
  • undertake Work Experience (for those aged 16 to 19)
  • participate in Travel Training to learn how to travel independently
  • participate in AFK’s Leadership Programme

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To find out more about the variety of Aspire to Work programmes contact Kate at:


[email protected]

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