Our community

Young woman with Downs syndrome in front of a colourful painting with arms raised in celebration

Get involved and join our mission for a more inclusive community!

Disability & Accessibility Awareness

If you believe in equality and inclusion, it’s important to know more about accessibility and disability awareness. We can help you and your employees be more proactive in making your business a safe place for people with disabilities.


Our students and trainees are always learning to self advocate and speak up and they will be more than happy to share their stories with you.

Free skills training

AFK prides itself on the skills of its staff. From job coaches, employment brokers and advocacy managers, we can offer you the best support.


Whether you want advice on how to make your business more accessible to employing one of our trainees, we will support you every step of the way.

Fundraising events

We’re putting the FUN into fundraising!


We have lots of events that you can be part of all year round – or you can organise your own event! From arm wrestling to zumba, we have lots of ideas in our A-Z of FUNraising.

Man and woman drinking tea giving thumbs up

Work Placements

Our mission is to give as many young people with disabilities as possible the opportunity to volunteer or work in their community. We support our employers just as much as our trainees in making this mission a reality.


Do you want a more diverse workforce with committed employees and great working relationships? Then an On The Up partnership could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Enterprise Projects

As part of our Life & Work Programme, our trainees are learning new skills all the time. What helps embed these skills further is putting them into practise in real life workplaces.


Could your business help our young people take the next step of their training?

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