Coming to AFK: what to expect

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Going somewhere new for the first time can be exciting, but it can also feel a little scary. We hope this page helps prepare you for what to expect at  AFK.


This page is here to help:


No matter what brings you to AFK, we are excited to meet you and work with you!

Getting here

Our office is located at 15a Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, London N8 9DJ.


You might travel here by bus, train, tube, walking, or you may be picked up by one of our bus drivers.


Nearest transport links:

  • Nearest train station: Hornsey (Great Northern Railway)
  • Nearest bus stops: Hornsey Station (Bus 41) or Tottenham Lane (Bus 41, 144)
  • Nearest tube station: Turnpike Lane (Piccadilly Line)

Find my AFK on Google maps

If the map does not display correctly, click this link or copy and paste into your browser:


Parking is available behind my AFK – turn left before our office, into the industrial estate (look for signs to Access Storage, YA Hire and Tiles DIY). On the right, you will see steps leading to our office, and next to those steps are two parking spaces reserved for my AFK.


If you park here, please come around to reception at the front of the office (on Tottenham Lane) to enter the building, sign in and get a parking pass from our receptionist.

When you arrive

Once you get to our office, you will need to sign in – there is a table in reception with a sign-in sheet on it.


If you are a student, trainee or a visitor, you will also be given a badge to wear around your neck. This helps us see who you are while you are visiting us. You do not need a badge if you’re here for the Holiday Programme.


  • Sign in at reception and put your badge on around your neck.
  • Tell the staff member at reception your name and your school.
  • The receptionist will let the tutors know that you are in.
  • Wait in reception until one of the tutors come to meet you. They will then bring you to your session.


  • Sign in at reception and put your badge on around your neck.
  • If this is your first time at my AFK, tell the receptionist you are here as part of the Life and Work Programme. They will let a staff member know you are here
  • Come into the office and say hello to your Job Coach or wait for them in the canteen if that is what you have discussed.
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