Hannah's New Powerpack

Child in specialised wheelchair

"This will change our lives"

Hannah is a bright 13-year-old from Middlesex. She loves long walks, music and bells, is very sociable and happy and always has a smile on her face.


Her manual wheelchair helps her get around but because she is growing, it is getting harder and harder for her parents to push her around in the community so Hannah’s mum asked Action For Kids (now known as my AFK) for a wheelchair powerpack.


A powerpack is a battery that gives an extra push when you need it the most – like going up hills or on bumpy roads. It will enable Hannah’s parents to take her out and about more often in the nice sunny weather.


Hanna’s mum said: “We are so grateful to everyone, this will change our lives as we are now able to access more places knowing we can push Hannah with the help of the power pack. We have been restricting ourselves to flat plains as it was getting harder for me and my husband to push Hannah and the wheelchair. We just didn’t have the strength to tackle uphill pathways anymore. Thank you!”


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