Community Heroes: Crouch End Café Bridge

Crouch End Café Bridge hosts bridge tournaments in the local area.


It is a great opportunity to play bridge in the participating pubs and restaurants in Crouch End, moving from one venue to another through the rounds.


The event, organised by Pauline Callow and her team of volunteers, donates huge sums to our work and we could be more grateful! This year they raised over £1200 and our trainees were there on the day to help sell raffle tickets and meet the players!

Bridge Tournament
Bridge Tournament

Enhancing this wonderful partnership even further, the English Bridge Union is teaching a group of our trainees to play mini bridge. This is a 6 week course to open up the game to young adults with learning difficulties and if successful, which so far it’s proving to be, they will roll it out to other young people.

Thank You #CommunityHereos Crouch End Café Bridge and The English Bridge Union for all your hard work and dedication to our cause!

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