raise awareness of the ongoing costs of repairs and maintenance for powered wheelchairs for young disabled people and their families

New campaign highlights the ongoing costs of mobility for young people, children and families

illustration of a powerchair with the hashtag "my maintenance"

my AFK launch our latest campaign this Autumn with the #myMaintenance appeal, aiming to raise awareness of the ongoing costs of repairs and maintenance for powered wheelchairs for young disabled people and their families. my AFK is the only charity to fully fund the cost of maintenance for every powerchair we supply, for the life of the chair.


With little chance to fundraise, a loss of income and much higher demand for our services, we are under more pressure than ever. As we journey through this pandemic, what we do and the services we provide will only continue to be effective if we consider and champion the needs of those who are often overlooked.

We don’t drive our cars to the supermarket with dodgy brakes or walk to the shop with holes in our shoes. Why should it be any different for disabled people? Denying proper maintenance of mobility devices means less freedom and autonomy for young disabled people to live independent lives.


Young people who can walk just a few steps often do not qualify for an NHS powerchair. Those who do qualify (usually those who cannot walk at all) are often provided with more basic powerchairs that do not meet vital postural or holistic needs. These children have no other choice but to approach charities like my AFK for help. While other charities are providing vital services in funding mobility equipment, without funding maintenance costs it can be a catch 22 for many families and young people. my AFK makes a difference by providing that additional support.


See how my AFK makes a difference in our 2019 Impact Report here.

Funding makes a huge difference to young people like Paul:

“I could never have had my new chair if My AFK didn’t pay for repairs and maintenance, I simply couldn’t afford it on the benefits that I get.  The fact that these things are being covered and my chair will be properly maintained gives me peace of mind and confidence in my chair that when I go out it’s not going to suddenly break down.”

With over 27 years of experience providing powerchairs to disabled children and young people, we have first-hand experience and knowledge of the sheer costs of maintaining powerchairs to keep them safe, functional, and on the road.


Research has told us that it costs an average of £400.11 a year for basic maintenance of a powerchair. For disabled children and young people who need highly specialist and bespoke powerchairs, the maintenance costs are even higher. Throughout the years, we have seen invoices for repairs cost between £100-£4000 to be paid in one go, without which the powerchair would be unusable.


My AFK’s campaign this autumn hopes to shed light on the true costs of mobility devices for young people like Paul, for the life of the equipment as opposed to just initial costs. Our unique role and the services we provide are invaluable to young disabled people at this time.


Families raising disabled children spend three times more raising a disabled child than they do a non-disabled child. If they are not given the support they need, disabled children and young people are denied the chance to get to school, see their friends or prepare for work. We hope you can join my AFK this autumn in spreading the word and helping us to lighten the financial load for these families with our #myMaintenance appeal.

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