Waiting for a sunny day!

Eight-year-old Kaya from County Down loves going to school, Sunday school and youth club.

But Kaya has ADHD, dyspraxia and hypermobility and needs constant care. The conditions affect Kaya’s motor skills, sensory processing and concentration, and Kaya tires easily and is susceptible to meltdowns.


This means Kaya can miss out on social activities as it was getting harder for his family to carry him when he needed help.


Kaya’s mum Alice applied for a specialist pushchair so Kaya can take time out to relax and rest in the chair when he is tired.


Alice told us: “We’re all ready for a sunny walk around the local park, the buggy has made a big difference to his life, thank you.”


This was made possible by claims.co.uk Ltd. If your company would like to support children like Kaya, please contact Lyn [email protected] or call 0208 347 8111.

Kaya in his chair
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